The Closet Purge

Yes, you caught me…I hoard clothes. Clothes I have never seen except for the day I bought them, clothes that don’t fit my style at all, and even clothes that may be the wrong size. Well with moving and whatnot I have started to purge many different aspects of my life. Clothes have been the hardest thing for me, however I have a box full of shoes, clothes, and accessories that I am going to give away to a thrift store or put on poshmark. In addition to these things I found accessories that still have the tags on them and I think I will be doing a give away very soon for all of you, so stay on alert!


This may not look like a lot from the top view but this is a very large box filled with clothes, shoes and accessories I haven’t worn in forever or just do not want anymore. Now lets get a little more in depth!


Although these pictures are not the best (it was a gloomy day and I couldn’t get me lighting right) these are the shoes I am finally getting rid of. Five is not a lot out of my shoe collection sadly…I wish I could’ve made a bigger dent in my shoe closet but alas I could not. I will do a full shoe collection soon just because I absolutely love reading and watching those! The shoes I am getting rid of consist of four pairs of wedges and one pair of sandals. I use to like wedges but honestly I haven’t worn any in years so I thought it was time to get rid of them. And as for the pair of flat black sandals…they were just never comfy for me so they had to go.


My three insane crop tops…yes I have finally outgrown the trend. I work out a lot and am fairly confident but crop tops make me feel so much less confident some how. These were probably the craziest shirts in my closet even without being crop tops. The patterns on the last two and the neon color of the first one made it to where I barley wore them anyway.


Alright I may have spoken too soon, these are just as crazy as the crop top patterns. The middle shirt here, well I am not sure what I was even thinking when I bought it…I can’t pull off those colors, that design, or that type of shirt. The last one somehow looked like a maternity shirt whenever I wore it so I stopped liking that one pretty quick. As for the yellow one, I really did like wearing that one for a while but it shrunk and I am not a bright yellow or pattern person any longer.


These are probably the shortest skirts I ever owned or bought. Both are Abercrombie which makes sense…most of their stuff is unbelievably tiny for some reason. I only wore these each once for certain dinners and then they got thrown to the back of my closet once again. So it was for sure time to give them to someone else.

Jeans are a thing I hoard most…only because this is what I wear on a daily basis. There are two pairs here from American Eagle (aka my favorite place for jeans) and one pair from Levis that I have never actually worn. They all still fit which is why I am having such a hard time getting rid of them…but I never wear them or even reach for them so it is time to go.

These are the kinds of shirts I go for all the time. Either blouses or sweaters, and I have an unhealthy love for these things. These are the four I knew I could part with even though I have many more I don’t really wear. These have seem a lot of love over the years but they are mostly name brand so they have held up amazingly.

Two dresses and a skirt…out of the tons I never even look at. Posting this stuff is making me realize I hold on to so many clothes for no reason. Well, the middle one here was my first ever homecoming dress from forever ago and as much as I love it, I know I will never wear it again. The one on the left I wore once to a wedding but the color and fit just doesn’t work with me sadly.

I know I recently did a post on my favorite shorts for summer and these were not in there for obvious reason. American eagle on the left became an original Alexyss when I thought it would be so fun to paint for the forth of July and now I am left with this. The Hollister pair on the right are far too small for me, I can’t actually believe I ever fit in those but I guess I was small at one point.

The three last miscellaneous things; maxi skirt, black blouse, and bright purple zip up. I don’t think I ever wore any of these and I don’t know why I even bought them…they are all far too big for me. They are all cute in my mind but it doesn’t look cute unless it fits me so I never had a reason to wear these.

Well although I am still going through all my clothes and shoes once again this is what I collected so far to get rid of. All of the name brand or barley worn clothes I am going to be putting on poshmark, my poshmark page is @alexyssrubjerg9. If you like any of these pieces go check out my closet, there are also some other pieces already for sale on there.

I hope you all loved my closet purge, although I need to do a lot more. What clothing item do you hoard most?

Bye Lovies!!


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