The Fashion Tag

Recently I did the Beauty Tag where I answered questions that many people ask beauty bloggers. Since I also post about fashion, lifestyle, and travel I thought I would do a post for each of these as well. I was not tagged by anyone since I couldn’t find someone I follow who has done this. I am not going to tag anyone in particular so feel free to do it and tag me since I would always love to read these!! Now lets get started…

What takes up most of the space in your closet?

Honestly, cardigans and sweaters. For some reason I tend to wear and buy these a lot. I think it is because I can mix and match them, thus creating a million options for outfits!

What’s your closet like?

A mess, just a complete mess. Right now with moving and packing/unpacking there are just piles of clothes everywhere.

Favorite Fashion Magazine?

Vogue of course!!

What are your favorite affordable stores?

Forever 21, American Eagle, Windsor, RomWe…I love affordable clothes that look high end.

What are your favorite high end brands?

Gucci, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Dior…These pieces do not make up much of my closet but the ones I do have I love!

Who is your fashion inspiration?

This changes frequently…I really love to stay with classics like Marilyn Monroe and add in some Kim K or some Kylie. I like to stick with the trends while still keeping it classy.

Favorite type of shoes? Why?

Although I don’t wear high heels everyday they are my favorite type of shoe. I think this is because I feel so much more confident in them and I love it.

How long does it take to style an outfit for a post? For a normal day?

For a post I would normally spend a lot longer finding the perfect pieces and accessories. For a normal day I honestly throw on whatever I like that day so it only takes a few minutes. Some days I go crazy with accessories and some days I wear none.

What are some current fashion obsessions?

For summer I am loving the ripped shorts and larger graphic t-shirts. I think it looks so effortless and trendy.

Favorite Staple Piece?

I love having black jeans in my closet at all times. I think they can be dressed up or down no matter what else you are wearing.

Ultimate dream job in fashion?

CEO of a major fashion magazine. It would be so fun to create and collaborate with amazing people in the fashion industry.

Well, I hope that gave you a deeper look into my fashion life or just a fun little read!

I would like to tag everyone and anyone who wants to answer these questions in a post!

Bye Lovies!!


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