Happy Father’s Day!!

Father’s Day is much easier for me than Mother’s Day. Growing up with and still having a single father has really been amazing. So many people think it must be really hard especially since I am a female with only a father but it isn’t. My Dad is the most amazing person I have ever met and he has been a perfect Dad for my entire life. My dad is only 36…yes, he is very young, I am only 19 for those who would like to know. He had me young but he stuck with it, worked hard, and created a great life for both of us. He supports me in everything and anything.

We are a lot alike…we both have the shortest tempers I have ever seen but they are never pointed at each other so at least we stick together, haha. We both have an overwhelming love for animals which has lead to out 5 pets. We both also have a very friendly personality but keep our circles small. I can’t think of anyone else I would rather be like.



We don’t have any recent pictures but these are two of my favorite! I just wanted to do a short little post about my amazing dad and wish him a superb Father’s Day even though I am sitting in the same room as him, haha. I think it is always nice to share family positivity and love. Happy father’s day to all of the other amazing dad’s out there as well!!

Bye Lovies!!


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