Fitness Challenges Tested (30-Day) |June 20- July 20|

Alright Lovies!! It is 12:40a.m. and I have been surfing the internet, pintrest, wordpress, and instagram for hours. I might regret making this commitment in the morning but I am doing it! I have been feeling down and out about my weight, fitness, lifestyle, etc. over the past few weeks and I need to do something about it.

Remember those 30-day fitness challenges people would do and post on facebook or instagram?! I didn’t until one came up on pintrest but now I remember trying and giving up at these so fast. I want to do them for the full 30 days this time and see what kind of results I get!! However, I feel doing just one would be too easy…so I am doing FOUR!! Yes, four…yes, I am insane. But I wanted to do one for each part of my body in order to get the full body effect…so here we are.

Of course I need one for the butt: (since this also works the legs I am going to add calf raises as well…the same amount of calf raises as the squats every day)

Butt challenge .jpg

Two for abs pretty much:

beach body challengewallsit challenge

And one for arms:

I will admit I use to go to the gym everyday so I think the first week or two will be pretty easy for me but I think it’ll get much harder after that. I will post later today with before pics and what not. Other than that, I am going to be updating in full posts on this on June 30, July 6, July 13, and July 20 (the end date). That way we can see how things are going periodically. I will also put in little updates on my other beauty, fitness, and fashion posts as needed to let you know whats going on with this. If you want to join me on all or one of these challenges then feel free too! Let me know in the comments if you are and please keep me updated on here or on social media!!

Here are some of my favorite work out clothes:



Bye Lovies!

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