Hair Transformation at Home |Highlights, Dark Roots, Ombre|

Well I know I informed you of my terrible bleach job at home which I had to dye it darker brown once again. But tonight I came home and decided to do something to make my hair more summery and have a little more depth. My hair is already darker towards the top and lighter towards the bottom because I do not re-dye my entire head, I normally just do the roots (my roots are a very light blonde).

So tonight I was going to just go and dye my roots but I realized I still have bleach and what says summer hair more than highlights!?! So my insanity and spur of the moment personality came out once again tonight.

I am someone who loves to change up my hair…less permanent than a tattoo or piercing but more noticeable than nail polish or makeup. I change it so so much…


These are only a few of my hair colors, if you want to read more about that go to Hair Color Review. In that post I go through every hair color I have ever had and how much I liked it or disliked it. I think my sweet spot is chocolate brown with blonde highlights just because it is brighter but looks great with a tan…plus it always makes me look tanner anyway!

The products I am using are…

L’Oreal Quick Blue Bleach

IGORA Royal Hair Dye

Ion 30 Volume Developer

-Any brush or gloves to apply it

-Tupperware to mix the dyes

I don’t go too crazy on things I use to do my hair, I keep it fairly simple which is helpful for my busy schedule. I always do the roots first and then go in and highlight little pieces while blending it into the root color. This makes for a very flawless fade and looks fairly natural which is nice.

Bye Lovies!!

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Update on my 30 Day Fitness Challenge: Today was the first day I did the exercises and it went easily and quickly. I am not sore because obviously it wasn’t that much working out but I feel like it will get worse from here on out, haha. Still going for it though!



8 thoughts on “Hair Transformation at Home |Highlights, Dark Roots, Ombre|

      1. I don’t blame you for wanting to cut it. I always wanted to go that route too. But now I have it in long layers and long – dyed in black. I don’t want to cut it, at this point I’d always cut it and then regret it. So, I’m keeping the length. 😊💛

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