Flower Power |Summer Love|

Well, I recently posted a beautiful art piano travel post…if that made any sense, haha. I also went around and took pictures of the beautiful mosaic pots that hold flowers by out lake and I wanted to share some of those beauties.

For all of these it looks like they smashed plates and put them on in such intricate patterns. It really looks so much nicer than just concrete pots and gives our lakefront some personality. Hope you love them as much as me!!

I absolutley love the blue & white ones!
This was so sweet with the hearts and what not.
It took me forever to figure out these were hummingbirds but its wonderful!
Pumpkins are my favorite so imagine my surprise at seeing this!
Some sweet butterflies…
and some sweet dragonflies.
So pretty with the lovely hearts!
That blue & white I love once again!
Sail Boats, a must by the lake!

I think that the artwork in these is absolutely amazing! I don’t possess the patience for these but if I did I think I would always be making these.

By Lovies!!


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P.S. I recently uploaded my quick makeup tutorial after debating with myself forever..so you can find it Here.

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