Kenosha Lakefront Love |Piano Crawl 2018|

So if you are not familiar with this area Kenosha is a city with a very amazing and beautiful lakefront! They showcase this every year with many festivals, tons of restaurants and painted projects every year. One year there were painted cows, another painted lawn chairs, and this year….painted pianos!!! They are so beautiful and I just had to share them with all of you!

There are 13 in total, I think I only got pictures of 10 or 11 but they are very beautiful none the less. I think that this is the best art piece they have had because they are fully functional pianos and people are encouraged to sit down and play them whenever! It spreads amazing music around out lakefront and I think that is the best thing ever!

Each one is done by one or two different artists and they represent different businesses on our lakefront. This also helps to draw crowds to our wonderful bars and restaurants which, why not?! Alright, enough of me talking…lets get to the pianos!

Nostalgia Piano at the Theatre
New Orleans Piano at a Diner
Singer Themed Piano Outside an Art Gallery


Music Themed Piano in the Middle of a Park
Rose Themed Piano in Veterans Park
Sea Themed Piano in yet Another Park
Colorful/Flamingo Piano by Yoga Studio
Mammoth Themed Piano by Kenosha News Building
Super Glam/Glitz Piano for a Restaurant

As you can see, these are extremely beautiful!! I am so happy our city does this every year and I hope for even better ones in the future. Thanks for reading!! Let me know if there is anything else I should check out!

Bye Lovies!!

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P.S. I just recently re uploaded my quick makeup routine to Youtube after debating forever…so you can find it Here.

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