|June 30th Update|30 Day Fitness Challenges Tested

Well, I started the fitness challenges about a week and a half ago and I am soreeeeee. I just wanted to come and update everyone on how it’s going, would I recommend it, have I seen a difference? All of that and more! (I feel like I sound like an advertisement for a festival or something with the ‘all of that and more’)

If you didn’t read my first post you can find it here, but I will recap a little just in case. With it being summer and wearing less clothes, thus showing more of my body, I have been feeling very insecure and very, almost, depressed about how I have gained weight and stopped working out and what not. Well I am not someone who likes to sit around and wait for things to change on their own…since that never happens…so I decided to at least try this out for 30 days.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 3.54.17 PM.png

My thinking was that they say it takes 24-30 days to create a habit, so if I can create a habit out of this then I will at least get some good exercise in everyday and that is what I need. I also stated a few days ago that I was going to start trying to eat healthier…well I had to push that off for a little. Sunday I went to greek and taco fest so I couldn’t start then…and Monday and Tuesday was smores and what not as well as having sweets around the house that I had to finish ;). Well I’ll jump to the point…I didn’t get to start until Wednesday.

Starting to eat healthy wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I started eating greek yogurt, lots of fruit & veggies, green tea, no dairy, barley any sugar or sweets. I feel like I have so much energy all the time which is great and my stomach problems aren’t insight.  I think that anyone can feel 10x better by just eating cleaner for a day or two. Once you start getting that feeling you don’t really want to go back to sweets or anything which is wonderful as well.


Okay…on to the point of this post, how are the fitness challenges going? I am sore, but that is to be expected with working out muscles that normally don’t get too much activity. The soreness is actually something I love because it makes me feel like I am accomplishing something. However, I cannot see any results yet…also to be expected. It takes a few weeks to see results so I will just have to wait it out and thats okay.

I don’t think it has gotten too hard yet which is great because I was so nervous I was going to die after the first week. However, in the words of Elton John…I’m Still Standing!! Well kind of…I have to sit down a lot because my legs are killing me but close enough.

Did any of you try this out? How is it going for you? Drop it in the comments!

Bye Lovies!!


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P.S. I re uploaded my Quick Makeup Routine on Youtube after debating with myself forever…you can find it right Here.

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