Summerfest 2018 |Logic & Halsey|

So I went to Summerfest on the 29th cause I bought tickets to a concert that I maybe knew 2 songs from…crazy I know. But my boyfriend really likes Logic so we went and I turned out loving the whole thing…it was a win win in the end. It was done so well and they are both so talented that it didn’t matter if I knew the songs or not.

On another note it was 95 degrees out the entire day and night. We were there for 9 hours and I don’t think I have ever been more warm or uncomfortable in my life. Water and ice cream were the only things keeping me alive that day, I do not like the heat.

However, I thought since I am trying to share as much as possible on this blog I would share some clips from the concert! Excuse my terrible filming…it was crowded, warm, and I was so tired.

Bye Lovies!!

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