My Fitness Pal 5 Day Recall

With my exercise plans right now I am also trying to eat healthy. As I have said before I have bad skin right now and am gaining weight…neither of which I am happy about. I am trying to get toned again and loose extra weight as well as clear up my skin with diet. I try to eat good and then end up having dairy or candy and it goes down the drain…but if I put my progress on here then I feel as if I will stick to it more. So no filters on this post…lets see what I did the last 5 days.

Monday, July 2:

I went over my Carb goal and under my fat and protein goals. I did stay under my calorie  goal which is great! However, I should have tried to consume more protein for sure. As you will see, my dinner takes up a lot of my calories since I eat breakfast and lunch alone I normally eat less. I have dinner with friends or family which turns into me eating much more.


Tuesday, July 3:

This wasn’t a great day…we went out to eat and I didn’t pick the healthiest option sadly. I went way over my fat goals and under my carb and protein goals. I also went about 1,000 calories over my goal which is terrible!! This is what I am really trying to get away from…over eating.

Wednesday, July 4:

I went way over my fat goal again but almost got my carb goal! I also stayed under my calorie goal that day which I am very surprised by that since it was July 4th it was a cookout day. At least it was a better day than the 3rd.

Thursday, July 5: 

I went a little over my calorie goal but I got pretty close to my macro goals which I am very happy about!! I think this was a great day for my eating and pretty much everything I ate was healthy!

Friday, July 6:

I went way over on my carb goal but was pretty close to the other two and my calories were almost perfect as well!! I think this was another good day and I hope this week will be just the same.

I am going to try to make this weeks meals like Thursday and Friday since those seemed to be my closest days and I know I ate healthy on both of those days as well. Let me know your workout plans and what your summer goals are!

Bye Lovies!!


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