I made a post about 100 followers so I only thought it was fitting to make a post about getting to 200..well technically like 207 now. But either way yay!! Thank you all so much, it really does mean a lot because I really love doing this and I think it is a great way to get my mind working and my creativity going.

Blogging and posting about my life really just helps me to let go and create things I am excited about (sounds so cheesy and humble I know.) Even when I write about depressing things or boring things it still helps me to clear my head and I love love love that so much. I think that clearing someones head and writing down thoughts is a way to work everything out and overall be happier which is really working for me right now.

I am still pretty far from where I want to be in my following and blog adventure but everything takes time and this might just take a little more time than some other things I have done. I have a few upcoming posts planned and started working on them but overall I have no idea what I am doing. That is how the last month and a half has been though…I kinda just don’t sit down and write until I have an aha moment and then I go crazy and write for hours on end…but to each their own.

I think starting to make videos for youtube and engaging in my instagram is going to start happening too…at least I would like for it to start happening (i’m working on it I promise!!!!) Just kind of letting you all know where I am headed and what my overall ideal is right now. Thanks for reading tho!! I know this post is short and very different from all my other ones but I had to thank you all for following and being so supportive!!


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