June Vlog Post |Yes, I know vlogs go on YouTube|

As the title says…yes, I know vlogs go on youtube and not on blogs but I don’t have the time to edit right now along with the blog posts so it will go up on my channel. eventually. But it is already July 9th so I wanted to post about June before it seems way too late and you are all like “come on, let it go, you missed it, you missed the deadline.” So here we go! Before I miss the deadline!

These are just some dumb videos from June and I am going to add in some dumb pictures because well…this is a blog post, not a real vlog so it works!

P.S. I am finishing up my June Love, Like, Hate post so that will be up within the next few days, yay!! Also the first few videos here are of a baby goose and I am going to post about that and share that story within this week as well.


Here we have a baby goose that we rescued and then brought to a wildlife hospital a few days later. He was adorable and look at him OMG!!

Here is my moms insane cat…he always looks both high and terrified so enjoy!


We went on a father’s day adventure in Milwaukee which turned into us just sitting at a brewery all day….fun, right?


The literal only semi good picture I have of one of my rats since she is always super hyper and never sits still. She cuddled with me for a bit tho, which was awesome!!


You guys saw this post…Fireworks Season? |Summer Fun 2018| and putting like five sparklers in the fire blew up in our faces…actually happened.

My cousin had a giant tupperware thing full of slime she made….she wanted me to see how big of a bubble she could get…but every time she made one she kept saying “Look at the big bubble…wait never mind I can do better…”

Last, but not least I made a post on this as well…Summerfest 2018 |Logic & Halsey| but this was part of my June so here you go again!

Bye Lovies!!


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