Biggest Insecurity….

Alright I thought it was about time to talk seriously about my biggest insecurity….my skin and my acne. It has been on and off in my life for years but recently it has gotten so bad and I am always insecure. Red spots are one thing but terrible texture all over my face is impossible to hide :(.

Around my mouth and my forehead are my big problem spots and I am not sure why. I do all the things people say to do…wash my face 2x daily, keep hair off my face, keep a clean pillow case, good diet, exercise, drink lots of water and yet acne still comes back to haunt me. Sadly, I realize this is something many people can relate to and I know how much it sucks, honestly I do.

Yesterday I went to the dermatologist because it is getting so bad that I don’t want to leave the house, even with a full face of makeup. The dermatologist gave me an oral antibiotic as well as a gel to use in the morning and a cream to use at night, hopefully this will help and I will get results fairly quickly.

I am one of those people who knows so many people have acne problems and that most people don’t look twice at my face but I still feel so gross every time I go out. It doesn’t help that my boyfriend, my friends, and my family have beautiful skin and no one I know wears makeup.

I know even when my skin is good people can tell I am wearing makeup but that doesn’t bother me because I wear makeup for fun and I honestly don’t give a shit if people think I am wearing too much. Only when my skin is bad so I care what people say about my makeup which sounds stupid as ever but oh well.

I don’t honestly know why I am writing this but I think it is nice when others share their insecurities because it helps others see they are not alone in it and that what is shown on the internet is not always real. Well this turned into a very rambly and ranting post but I hope this shares a little more of my life and shows that everyone had their insecurities and problems.

Bye Lovies!


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2 thoughts on “Biggest Insecurity….

  1. I also have acne-prone skin & I agree that when my skin looks bad I don’t want to go out even if I have makeup on.
    I also feel like I have tried everything, but I have found a few products that work for me & I have gotten my skin under control for the most part. What’s helped me the most was using products that have tea tree oil. Also the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is great for when I get blemishes b/c it helps dry them out.
    I hope the antibiotic, gel, and cream will be able to help you!

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