I Got Caught!!! |95 Beauty Things I Do That I Shouldn’t|

We all read about a ton of beauty advice and we try to keep to it….but we all know there are things we are doing that are big no no’s. I wanted to share a few of the ones that I do the most that I really know is just damaging me in the long run.  I think that by writing them down I can maybe remember to not do them as much which would be very helpful.  (edit: I am still going to do all of this because I am a p.o.s. with half of this stuff but that is alright lets talk about it anyway.)

(P.s. Sorry this post will not have pictures…I know that makes it much less eye catching but it was not a necessary part for what I had to say.)

(P.P.S. (not sure if that is the next abbreviation or not….) I am not completely sure of where I am headed with this post so just bare with me and lets write this s**t.)


#1: Not Using Heat Protectant Spray on my Hair

I dye my hair like its my religion and that damages it a lot but somehow I am not bald yet. I know after dying hair it is so much more important to use protecting spray and whatnot but…obviously I don’t do that still.

Don’t follow my lead….go your own way and keep yourself from balding due to bad habits….save yourself….


#2: Not Wearing Sunscreen

I don’t burn easily therefore I tend not to worry about sunscreen. I do have it in my foundation or BB cream that I wear pretty much everyday so my face is covered, but the rest of my body is not.

And actually!!! Let me spill some knowledge into your brains right now. I recently read that sunscreen can be very bad for your skin so I’m not sure if I have to feel bad about this right now.

Disclaimer: try at your own risk


#3: Not Using A Moisturizer Religiously

Moisturizing is one of the commandments of beauty. It helps keep skin young, elastic, healthy, even, and keeps texture down. I use it off and on but I do not use it every morning and night which is something many beauty gurus would count as terrible.

I am not a commitment human being and I think moisturizer is something that is just too commitment based. I use it when I can and I get very dry skin when I don’t so that reminds me to try it again.


#4-92: Picking My Skin

I know, I know, I know.

“Picking skin only makes it worse.” -Every self proclaimed dermatologist

“Popping a pimple doesn’t make it go away faster.” -Dumb people

I know it can lead to scarring, I know it can create more bacteria…I have googled and read some before I got bored. Butttttt I have never had repercussions from popping pimples or picking my skin. I pick at black heads and pop other blemishes and it gets rid of them quicker and I have no scars.

I might just be a freak of nature, but I mean if it works it works.


#93: Not Using Lotion

I wrote above about not using moisturizer but I also am very bad at using lotion all over my body. I remember sometimes after I shave my legs…oh, wait!

#93B: Not Using Shaving Cream

Here is a little extra tid bit….I suck at using shaving cream or even razors with the nice lotion stuff on them. I just go in with water and a random razor.

Sometimes not even water because I realize I forgot to shave part of my leg before leaving for the beach or something. (I AM A MESS)

Alright, back to lotion. I forget to use it so much which will probably have terrible repercussions in the future but I will deal with it when I get there.


#94: Not Flossing


Don’t you sit there and pretend to floss 2x a day…I know you don’t…we are all lying to our dentists and I am okay with that.

Flossing hurts like hell and just F that shit, it doesn’t help I promise.

Actually, I don’t know so don’t quote me on that because I don’t want to be the reason your teeth fall out.

I know I should floss more than when I eat corn on the cob but I don’t think that will ever happen and I am accepting this now





acceptance feels great.


#95: Washing My Face Right

When I saw right I mean twice daily with a good derm tested face wash. I wash my face twice daily but normally it is once in the shower with whatever the fudge body wash I have in my hand and then with hand soap at night.

Yeah, I suck at all of this stuff.


Please don’t yell at me for all this. I know this is all terrible for me to do but I have committed to these terrible habits even with my fear of commitment so here I am.

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Bye Lovies!




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