The Problem with Modern Times

Recently I had dinner with my dad and grandparents and the stereotypical conversation of how things were better a long time ago started.

Yes, we have all had these conversations with older people and generally people roll their eyes but….it really is true.

Think about it.

Modern Times

  1. Everyone gets offended
  2. There are barley any polite people left
  3. Economy is in shambles
  4. Mental health problems are running wild
  5. So many people are killing others
  6. Love is a hard thing to find or even give
  7. Music is all auto tuned and not genuine
  8. Entertainment is sexualized
  9. No good history is being made
  10. Families are falling apart

A While Ago

  1. People took things with a grain of salt rather than being offended
  2. Everyone had manners
  3. A single working person could afford a house, car, etc. (the American dream)
  4. There wasn’t as much to be depressed about or anxious about
  5. There was still bad people but not to the extent we have today
  6. Love seemed abundant and people kept with it
  7. The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Van Morrison, etc.
  8. Laurel & Hardy, Carol Burnet Show, Gone with the Wind
  9. Some of the happiest days in history
  10. Families were solid and lasted

These may seem like generalizations and I’m sure many people will have a bad comment about something I said here but give me evidence if you want to argue. So many people want to disagree but very few have any evidence to back up their points. I am all for being proven wrong if you have the facts and figures but if not then don’t bother.

That’s another thing…now a days people think they are always right which couldn’t be more untrue. Just accept that you don’t know everything and open your mind up to learning and criticism.

Our society could be so much better if we just kept the same basic morals and ideals as we use to. Advancing will never stop but that doesn’t mean we can’t be polite and loving and just happy as people.

I would much rather live in a world that has wonderful ideals and just gets along. Nothing, and I mean nothing is worth the war and unhappiness we go through today.

Well this turned into a rant but it was one well worth it. Truths are hard but everyone needs to hear them.

Have a good day!


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2 thoughts on “The Problem with Modern Times

  1. I agree – couldn’t agree more! It’s so important for our family to eat dinner at the table every night. I know it’s something that has been lost in today’s homes. I’ve seen homes where the dinning table is nothing more than another piece of decoration – can’t be sat in, can’t be touched. This can be different, but we need to start by changing things in our own homes. Great post! 😊🙏🏽


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