My Favorite Rainy Day Books |Fave Books of All Time|Part 2|

I posted Part 1 of this post on Monday and I really enjoyed writing it so maybe after this I will keep posts about what I am reading at the time. Not too frequent since I know people don't enjoy these posts as much but I think it would be a nice little series to [...]


My Favorite Rainy Day Books |Fave Books of All Time|Part 1 of 2|

Long story short, the last few days have been pretty rainy and The Office has just been playing on rerun. I decided it was time to jump back into all the books I own (way too many that I don't read nearly enough.) However, this seemed as the best time to talk about my favorite [...]


Message From Me: I love how this review is set up and thought why not share it with you. Go check out her is amazing!! Pros: Makes my skin more hydrated after use. Cons: No glow or radiance as promised. More: Honestly I like my budget face masks (Origins Drink Up Intense is my go [...]

Maybelline Nude Palettes: Are they worth it?

Wellllll I am finally back with a makeup review!!!! We can now celebrate!! This one is a review I have meant to do for a long time...I bought these palettes a while ago to be honest. As you will see I have only ever used one color on my actual eyes. That color I loved!!! [...]