My Life as a Professional Scrapbooker

Yeah….it’s a tough job. I have to figure out all of the little cuts I have to make, use glue a lot, and not get extremely pissed off when things don’t work.


I am not a professional scrapbooker…this is actually the first time I have made a scrapbook, but I guess it turned out alright. My grandma turned 75 on July 17th and I thought this would be a good gift so that she could continue to look through her memories.

I will warn you that there is really nothing special here because I am not crafty and therefore I just glued in random stuff but ya know, it goes how it goes.


Alright, so….natural light was not my friend. It looked like I was taking good pictures and then this is how they turned out so please don’t get too photographer elite on me.


Some old ass pictures here….like 1943 old…

But mostly of my grandmother, her siblings, and parents.


Some more old ass pictures andddddd middle school report cards!!

The pictures are of the aunties (we are Italian so there are a million and they kind of run the family…)

Oh lord…this picture is beyond terrible…I am so sorry.

This is more middle school stuff…her being featured in the newspaper, her frat in middle school? I am not sure.


High school graduation and some artsy smartsy stuff.

She loved to paint and write poetry, I think the poetry is on a different page.


High school job flyers and Homecoming 1961?!

She was a department store dress associate in high school and she loved it somehow…I guess retail work was nicer back then, or she was bat shit insane.


Literally the only stuff she saved from college….aka the most boring pages because I couldn’t do much.

Homecoming and the panels she did for middle schoolers.


More artsy stuff as well as the choirs she was in.

Here is the poetry I mentioned above…there were notebooks full so I was only able to include a few.


Not totally sure to be honest…

I think it was some Christmas dance….and then high school report cards and pictures from science class.


Only a fraction of the letters that were in a huge folder…but here I included a ton of her recommendations for teacher of the year from her friends. She got it twice by the way.


Here we have different wedding invites from her siblings weddings as well as obituaries for her parents.


A very heartfelt letter from someone who really loved Great Nana (aka grandmas mother) and portraits of Great Great Grandparents. On the right are the newspaper articles as well as a memorial book for our (great great grandpa to me).


Lastly, we have articles and pictures from when she went around to schools and pretended to be mother goose and taught children nursery rhymes.

We will be adding a lot to this book I just need help finding the pictures and stuff because her basement is a MESS right now.

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Bye Lovies!!




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