Vacation 2018 & Life Update


First off, let’s start with my life update. Last weeks posts were pre written because I was on vacation, out of the reach of wifi so I can’t exactly remember what I wrote. I wanted to say that I will be back to makeup, beauty, and fashion posts this week. I am going to do a bonus post that will go up either tomorrow or Friday as well as my normal one on Saturday and they will both be beauty based because that is really what this blog is suppose to be about.

Thank you for dealing with my random posts and thoughts lately…get ready for some awesome reviews I have planned as well as some tutorials.

But onto my vacation!!

We went up to my families land in northern Wisconsin and spent a week in the woods which is a great mind clearer. It was filled with tons of family, great dinners, river floats, nightly fires, gun ranges, ATV trails, and seeing wildlife. Because of how jam packed it was I did not end up taking many pictures but I will share the few I did in order to break up the monotony of this post.


When I did get time to just relax I stayed in the hammock because DAMN those are so comfortable!!


This is just a random view up into the trees because I think the northern woods are so beautiful!!


I LOVE bonfires…especially when I am surrounded by great company and great conversation!


Here is another picture of a fire…only difference is that it got darker…but still I LOVE IT.


Halfway though the week we ended up planting 15 trees and well I think we did a pretty good job. The dog decided to take a bathroom break right as I began to take the picture as well, so thats nice!

Sorry my post is not that interesting today but I am going to upload a review and tutorial this week as well!!

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Bye Lovies!!

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