Maybelline Nude Palettes: Are they worth it?

Wellllll I am finally back with a makeup review!!!! We can now celebrate!! This one is a review I have meant to do for a long time…I bought these palettes a while ago to be honest. As you will see I have only ever used one color on my actual eyes. That color I loved!!! Although there wasn’t enough to swatch it you will see the basic color it was. Alright I will stop talking for now….here we go!



The Rock Nudes Palette


This is a darker cool toned palette. There are 6 mattes in this palette and 6 shimmery ones. they look very nice in the pans and don’t have much to any fall out, especially the shimmers.

Left: Top row left to right, plus the first shade on the left on the bottom row.

Right: The other five shades on the bottom from the left to the right.

So…it looks just like a bunch of whites and different shades on blacks to be honest. The first white shade swatched pretty well but then the rest did not. As for the darker shades the middle one on the right and the last one on the right swatched with great pigmentation. Although these three had better pigmentation all of them were patchy and chalky. They did not feel creamy at all.

I will still be trying to do a few eye looks with this palette but overall I would not recommend it based on the swatches. Tell me what your thoughts are on this palette! Have you tried it?


The Nudes Palette


This palette is more browns and golds, a warm palette; more of my cup of tea. As you can tell this palette has had a little more wear and tear. The third shade from the left on the bottom is the one I mentioned I used a lot. It comes out, well use to come out, as a beautiful shimmery gold that goes with any warm eye look. These obviously have a lot of fallout…unfortunately.

Yes, these have even less pigment than the last palette…mostly because these colors are lighter on the spectrum. They felt much creamier than the Rock palette which was nice…however they still looked chalky and got very patchy.

I would definitely not recommend this palette either just because the color pay off was not worth the price. If you have tried this palette let me know what you thought of it in the comments!

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