Fall Essentials: Makeup Edition

Alright, so everyone has their own way of doing their makeup and changing up their routine…mine is by the season…well it has been for the last few years. I think that since I live in a place that has four very different seasons its works well. I also change up my skin care and hair care routine for the seasons so I may share my fall essentials for those as well.

As for makeup I end up going a little heavier than I do in summer but more glowy than I do in winter…if that makes any sense at all. I go for a full coverage dewy look in the fall because I think it fits the season. Plus…then every picture catches that highlight and just works so so so well!!

#1 Maybelline Skin Perfecting BB Cream

Yes…this is not full coverage, however if you do two layers of it it builds up quite a bit. It also doesn’t have a heavy feel, I normally can’t even tell it is on which I love!! It gives that healthy dewy look rather than an oily look and keeps your skin moisturized and happy all day. If you have more sensitive skin then the Maybelline normal BB Cream would work better since it doesn’t have cyclic acid in it.


#2 Becca Moon Beam Liquid Highlight

This is something I thought I would never put in a post…I was never a fan of liquid highlight before. However, when I wear BB Cream I do not set my face so it doesn’t work to put on a powder highlight. I am NOT JOKING when I say this highlight has the MOST BEAUTIFUL gold pigment I have ever seen!!! It works with pale skin and medium skin, I am sure it would even work with dark skin…thats how universally beautiful it is!!


#3 Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade

I know I have talked about this many times before and that is because I just love it! In the fall I end up going heavier on the brows than in the summer simply because I think it is the look and I am living for it! There’s not much else to say here so…just know I love this brow pomade more than life itself.


#4 Almay Dark Brown Mascara

I am normally a jet black mascara kind of b***h but in fall my fall colors come out. I feel that since I do a lot of brown smokey eyes and oranges in the fall for eye shadow brown mascara really works well. I know a lot of people are set in their ways of what mascara color but I beg you…at least try brown mascara once this fall with some hot af eyeshadow.


#5 Kylie Cosmetics Bronze Palette

This goes right along with the brown mascara because the palette is all oranges and browns. SO BEAUTIFUL FOR FALL LOOKS. I think that this palette is gold…both literally and figuratively. This palette swatches so well and applies so so so so well.


This is a short post but I thought lets just talk about my favorites for fall. I hope you enjoyed! If you want me to do fall favorites for clothes, skin care, hair care, etc. then let me know in the comments below!!

P.S. Sorry about having no pictures! With the limited WiFi I have it is hard to get a great post put together.WiFi is being installed Thursday though so great posts will be back! Just hang in there!

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