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With the weather getting colder and fright fest/ haunted houses getting started this week I am deep into a fall mood. I have all my Bath & Body Works pumpkin candles burning and all my halloween decorations out already. I know we are only half way through September but I think it is time to start the vampy gold, purple, and burnt makeup…aka my favorite of the year.

I like to play with lip colors based on the seasons but the main thing I change (just as many other people probably do) is my eye shadow!! Granted I go towards gold and warm tones year round but now it fits in perfectly!

So overall I have two palettes I lean towards for this color scheme. I have been using these palettes for a while (one for years) so let’s discuss what I love about them!

Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette | Buy Here |



I thought I would start with the one I have been using the longest…3 years now!!! The Urban Decay Vice 4 came out in September of 2015, before this they had the other three vice eyeshadow palettes that came out and now they have the vice lipstick palettes that came out…all of which happened to be amazing.

Let’s talk about some of the technicalities of the palette. This palette is discontinued since it was 20 new and limited edition shades so I really had to search for information, but here goes nothing. Out of the 20 shades 11 have the micro-glitter and one has ‘tonal sparkle’, that means that only 8 are matte but I don’t mind that too much. If you want to read about the individual shades here is a link to an article about that.

What I loved first about this palette was the jewel tones of the purple, green, and burnt orange. I think the shimmer shadows just looked so amazing in the pans that I had to buy it. It is a palette that can go from calm to crazy and day to night, very versatile.

These shadows swatch SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! The pigment in even the bright blue and pink looks flawless and I normally don’t get to say that about shadows. The shimmers apply better on the eye when the brush is wet, so do keep that in mind. But a major upswing is that these shadows last forever even without eyeshadow primer…it takes a lot to get them off.

Side Note:

That is why my boyfriend is going to be confused on where all the soap went.

Took a lot of soap to get the swatches off.

The greens and burnt oranges in this palette just scream fall and halloween to me and they are surprisingly very versatile. I think this is a palette that works for all seasons however. The darker, vampy colors would work so beautifully in winter and the light blues and purples would be amazing for spring!!

Once again, I know this palette has been discontinued but you can find it on the link above or on google quite easily. And let me tell you, it is well worth the price…it is beautiful and the pans of shadow last forever! Let me know if you try this palette out!!


BH Cosmetics Blused Neutrals Palette | Buy Here |


This pallet has 5 blush colors (the larger pans) and 21 eyeshadows. Within this palette there are satin, matte, and shimmer shadows mixed in with all colors of neutrals and rosey colors. Another bonus…these are all vegan and paraben free formula!!! It is originally a $16 palette but is now on sale for $9.60. That is something I love about BH Cosmetics, it is so affordable and they almost always have sales or bundles going on.

Obviously, right off the bat you can see why I love this palette for fall. It has all the warm neutral, red, and orange shades you could ever want!! With this palette anyone can create a great subtle look or an off the charts insane look, it is also very versatile.

Well for the life of me I cannot find the fourth picture of swatches and its driving me CRAZY. But here are watches of most of the shadows and all of the blushes so you can see the pigmentation and whatnot.

These colors swatches so beautifully, in all honesty when buying a $16 palette no one expects them to work like a $40 palette but these do!! Even the hot pink and the rich burgundy swatches and applies without being patchy at all. The matte browns are beautiful and buttery which is a makeup artists dream. Well really anyones dream!

I really love using the blushes in this palette as eyeshadows as well since they are such gorgeous shades. To be completely honest the darker two blush shades do not work with my skin tone at all (super pale) which is very understandable. But the lighter three work so great and give a natural glow!! The first one is more like a rosey highlight but it is well worth a try in your makeup routine.

Here are some of the reviews of this palette on the BH Cosmetics Website:

These neutral colors are the bomb for my dark skinned complexion. -Laquite P.

I love this palette. The colors are beautiful and rich. I love the shape and design of this palette- the circle colors make me feel like a professional artist. My only issue and the reason why I didn’t give 5 stars is because I typed in matte in the search box and this palette came up. When I got this palette it most definitely is not matte! These are all shiny colors, every one. As a minimalist by nature that’s a no-no but ok…my anniversary is coming up and I was planning to wear pink glitter! This palette will fit right in for that. After that I’ll have to find a way to tone it down. -Nichie

Okay evEryone , normally i look at the bad reviews to see if i will buy something but seriously, the pigmentation is amazing. I can compare it to a sephora brand name palette. I swatch it on my finger then on my arm then on my other arm and the pigmentation is incredible. If you need to buy a palette, buy this one. -Wendy

This is a palette that you would not regret buying, it is so affordable and sooooooo sooooo worth it. Let me know if you try this one out!!


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Bye Lovies!!


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