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I don’t see BH Cosmetics being publicized as much as I think it should be and that is where this post is coming from. If you haven’t heard of them BH Cosmetics it is a company that was founded in 2009 and is most well know for their eye shadow palettes. Their products are the most affordable, non-drugstore products I have ever found. To some people this makes it sound like the company is either bad quality or unprofessional but neither of those are true.

When you go onto their lay out is just as professional as MAC…

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 6.30.35 PM.png

…while still having products that are less than a fourth of the price of MAC. Also, as you can clearly see, there are always sales going on. I have never gone on this site and not seen a sale going on. Besides sales they always seem to have bundles which normally include brushes and eyeshadow palettes. That being said let’s look at some of the palettes they have available for purchase right now, then we can jump into the ones I stand by and use.



As you can see the prices for what you get are very low. This is one reason that many makeup artists, myself and others I know, have started out with BH Cosmetics as our go-to. The other reason is, once again, the great quality of the shadows.

I have three in my collection right now that I use quite a bit and love to the ends of the earth. The Blushed Neutrals, Galaxy Chic, and Take Me to Brazil Palettes.


Let me warn you that they are sooooo beautiful…just prepare yourself…

P.S. I know I posted about the Blushed Neutrals palette just yesterday in my Fall Favorite Eyeshadow but that is what got me into the idea of reviewing BH Cosmetics overall. You can read that post here: Favorite Eye Shadow for Fall |BH Cosmetics, Urban Decay|


The picture doesn’t do them justice, sadly. But the Blushed Neutrals palette is a mix of shimmer and matte finishes along with the Take Me to Brazil being the same, whereas the Galaxy Chic Palette is all shimmer/glitter almost. Let’s jump on in!


Blushed Neutrals Palette |Buy Here |


This color scheme of burnt oranges and roses along with just the warm toned browns is my dream come true honestly. These are the colors I always reach for and must always have on hand. By the way, this palette consists of 21 eyeshadows and 5 blushes (the bottom, larger pans).



I feel like a good thing to compare these palettes too, in price at least, are drugstore palettes from Maybelline…and if you read my blog a lot you know how I feel about those…you can read about it here: Maybelline Nude Palettes: Are they worth it?. For being about the same price you get so much more product with BH Cosmetics and the swatches come out flawless in one swipe. Even the bright pink or golden shimmer colors came out flawless here, which is hard to get in a shadow.

On the eyes they have the same great quality and pigmentation as well. In my opinion to find eyeshadow that swatches and applies beautifully is AMAZING!


Galaxy Chic Palette | Buy Here |


This palette is so beautiful to the eye just because of the baked shadows and their marble finish look. Since these are baked shadows it means they are all shimmer/ glitter so it is not a go to palette for an everyday look, at least not for me. I always pair this palette with another palette so that I can get the matte colors I need and want. That being said, the shimmer shadows here are to die for. They look so beautiful on and there are colors here that can match with almost anything.


It is much harder to show the beauty of shadows through swatches when they are shimmers but I tried…so give me a little credit. These do apply better to the lid when the brush is wet, but I find that is the case with even Natasha Denona palettes so it doesn’t matter the price of the palette, shimmers just apply better when wet. Overall this is a palette that I think creates the ability to take your eyeshadow look to the next level. You can never add too much shimmer!


Take Me to Brazil Palette | Buy Similar Here |


Although I couldn’t find the palette on BH Cosmetics website anymore the Take Me Back to Brazil palettes on there have pretty much the same color scheme. I am normally not one for bright eyeshadows…which means I don’t have any palettes in my collection with bright colors (besides this one obviously). This is the one palette I knew I needed in order to be able to create bright eye looks when I wanted. It has the entire color spectrum from light to dark and red to purple.


These definitely did not swatch as well as I wanted them to or as well as I thought they would have. Many of these colors are matte, however there are some with slight shimmer in them. The colors are much more vibrant and pigmented when blended on the lid and are very buildable for even more intense color when wanted.


I am a lover of BH Cosmetics and I hope I encouraged some of you to try their products as well. They have Sephora quality for drugstore price which cannot be beat. In addition to their eyeshadows I also have bought many of their brush sets which are very soft synthetic hair and blend whatever you need beautifully. Let me know if you try these palettes out or already love them in the comments below!


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