My Affordable Drugstore Skin Care Routine |Combination Skin, Fall Season|

Let me start by saying that I go to a dermatologist because my skin is very sensitive and gets very aggravated easily. Four of the things in this routine are prescriptions but I still thought to share them incase some of you are dealing with skin problems yourself and are not sure what to bring up with your dermatologist. The rest of the products (except for one) in this post are available for purchase on drugstore shelfs and are very affordable, enjoy!!

This post is a little long and I can understand it getting a little confusing so here is a short list of what order I use things in. (This will be at the end as well)

Morning: (take medication whenever) Micellar Water, Face Wash, Clindamycin Gel, Witch Hazel, Dual Moisturizer, Lancome on neck only

Night: (take medication whenever) Micellar Water, Face Wash, Adapalene Cream, Witch Hazel, Dual Moisturizer, Vitamin E Oil, Lancome on neck only


Let’s start of with the prescription part to get that out of the way:

Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist or a pharmacologist, I just have talked to my dermatologist and done research.

Minocycline 90mg

I take one pill in the morning.

 The label on the pill bottle has a lot of my information so for obvious reasons I didn’t want to put a picture of that on here. Moving on though, this is an antibiotic that is targeted more towards skin. There are so many different antibiotics that a dermatologist can give you dependent on other medications, your concerns, etc. These take normally about 6 weeks to work into your system. They help to clear up the bacteria causing acne from the inside out which is very helpful, it isn’t yet another cream you have to put onto your face. Eventually most people will build up antibodies to the antibiotic though, which means the dermatologist (mine at least) tries to switch the medication at least once a year to prevent this.


I take one pill every night.

This is a brand of pill birth control so it is the basic one pill every night, every month. Many women, including myself obviously, get worse skin around that time of the month because of the influx of hormones and stress, etc. Taking birth control is one way to balance hormones throughout the month and keep your skin in a more balanced state. This doesn’t always need a prescription from your actual doctor, there are many websites (verified by the drug regulation of the country) that offer delivery for birth control and places such as planned parent hood that help with this as well. It is best to go to your doctor however since there are so many different kinds of birth control and some may not work great for your situation.



Adapalene Cream 0.1%

I put a pea sized amount on my face at night.

This is a cream that is used to reduce the amount of pimples that form and to quickly heal those that do form. This happens because it works to affect the growth of cells and decreases redness and inflammation. Once again, there are so many different versions of this cream. I have the lowest dose because my skin gets very dry when using it. I find it really does help to lessen redness and help pimples heal faster.



Clindamycin Phosphate Gel 1%

I put a pea size amount of this on when I wake up in the morning.

This is a refreshing feeling gel that I put on my skin every morning. Clindamycin helps to decrease the amount of acne just as adapaline does. This is an antibiotic gel that helps to get rid of acne causing bacteria on the skin. This one I am not as sure about in terms of how many different versions there are or why I have the 1% but it seems to work well and has a very refreshing feel.


Moving onto the drugstore part of my skincare:


Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water : Buy Here

I use this right when I wake up to wipe off any dirt as well as at night to remove my makeup.

This Micellar water is a lifesaver! So many of the makeup removers irritate my skin or don’t remove my makeup fully but this one is so gentle and cleansing. I also like that I can use it to clean my skin and not have to wash it off, a huge time saver there. There are many different versions of this in the drugstore, I like to stick to the All-in-1 normal version.



Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser: Buy Here

I use this to wash my face both in the morning and at night.

This is a very gentle cleanser, so gentle in fact that you don’t actually have to wash it off. You can use it as a normal face wash or you can just leave it on your skin. The formula is so silky soft which makes your skin very soft as well. This non irritating wash is perfect for anyone dealing with any array of skin problems because it will sooth and clean at the same time. Cetaphil is a brand that is very recommended by dermatologists and they have a whole line of different cleansers, moisturizers, and so on.




Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Toner: Buy Here

I apply this with a cotton ball both morning and night. 

Witch hazel has always been noted as a great toner for skin. It is a natural thing that helps to remove dirt and oils, shrink pores, even out skin tone, and not dry out the skin. This one has no oily feeling to it and soaks into the skin so quickly. It feels very refreshing and smells beautiful so it is an all over win. There are many different versions of witch hazel as well but this one is very affordable and the bottle lasts forever.



Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer: Buy Here

I apply this in the morning and at night.

I think what a lot of people with acne forget to do is moisturize because they think it will just make their skin oily again, thus making it worse. This is very untrue, not moisturizing and having dry skin can cause acne just as bad. In order to balance skin you have to get the bad oils off and replace it with moisturizer to keep your skin supple. This moisturizer has salicylic acid in it which helps fight against acne as well as a great moisturizing formula. I don’t really use any clean & clean products but I highly recommend this moisturizer.



Beauty 360 Pure Vitamin E Oil: Buy Here

I use this only at night because of how thick it is. 

Pure oils is a great way to go in order to moisturize skin because it is all natural and you know you are getting the most possible out of it. This is a very thick oil but I use about a pea sized amount for my whole face and pat it on. It is hard to rub on or rub in because of the thickness but patting it in works just as well. It takes a while to soak into your skin but once it does it feel so soft and I never see dry patches the next morning which has always been a problem for me.



Lancome Advanced Gentrifique: Buy Here

I use this only on my neck both morning and night.

This is the one product that is not drugstore but I had to include it since I use it daily and I love it. Since I already use so much on my face I have saved this for only my neck. I believe that starting early is the key to outrunning and old saggy or wrinkly neck. Lamcome is a leader in anti aging formulas and this one is simply amazing. It moisturizes and tightens all in one. The feeling of the serum is very soft and velvety which makes applying it that much better. I think this would be great on the face as well for those who don’t have a mile long skin care routine.


Once again here is the simplistic order that I use these products in:

Morning: (take medication whenever) Micellar Water, Face Wash, Clindamycin Gel, Witch Hazel, Dual Moisturizer, Lancome on neck only

Night: (take medication whenever) Micellar Water, Face Wash, Adapalene Cream, Witch Hazel, Dual Moisturizer, Vitamin E Oil, Lancome on neck only

I really hope you enjoyed learning about my skin care routine and the products I love. I would love to see some of the products you all use, leave some suggestions in the comments!!


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Bye Lovies!!
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