My Makeup Brush Collection |BH Cosmetics, Real Techniques, Victoria Secret|

I know brushes are not as fun and creative as makeup but they are, in my opinion, the most important part of makeup since they create the look. If we couldn’t blend eyeshadows most eyeshadow looks would be…well…choppy looking. If we couldn’t have foundation brushes we might get a lot more bacteria on our faces. What I am getting at is that brushes are the basis of most, if not all makeup.

This will be a chatty post because I would like to talk about what I use the brushes for so if you don’t like this kind of post then I will see you back on Tuesday! Have a great day!

Over the weekend I had to deep clean all of my brushes and so I thought why not talk about them with you all. I have a lot of brushes but I thought I would include my favorite sets and then maybe do a different post with my favorite individual brushes. The sets range from BH Cosmetics to Real Techniques to Victorias Secrets.  Let’s jump right in!

(P.S. When I use numbers I am referring to left to right. The first brush on the right is #1, etc.)


BH Cosmetics Rose Quartz |9 Piece Brush Set| Buy Here

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 5.20.57 PM.png


I’m sure you can see these brushes in the pictures above, they stand out a lot. I use #1 for setting powder because it just has the fluffiest and softest brush top. #2 is the one I use for blush. It has long bristles so it just air brushes on blush so nicely without getting far too much pigment. #3 and #4 I use both for highlight a lot of the time. #3 brushes it on the cheeks so subtly and #4 helps to pack on that blinding highlight. #5-#9 are all ones I use for different eye looks, the only one I use very regularly is #6. That one I use to blend crease shadows no matter what look I am doing, it blends everything so beautifully!

BH Cosmetics Sculpt & Blend |10 Piece Brush Set| Buy Here

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 5.22.51 PM.png


I am going to skip talking about #1 and #2 because I don’t tend to use those that much, however I would like to say that they are still very soft brushes and could be easily used for many different things. #3 is my favorite for bronzer/contour. It seems like a weird brush to use for that but with the fluffiness that goes to a point it helps to get it in a specific place and then blend it out really well from there. #4 is my go to foundation brush, it is just a flat top kabuki brush. It has just enough compactness of bristles to flawlessly put on liquid foundation. #5 is also one I do not really use but the last 5, the smaller ones are all very good for detailed shadow on the eyes.

Bh Cosmetics Eye Essentials |7 Piece Brush Set| Buy Here

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 5.23.13 PM.png


#1 is my all time favorite eyeshadow blending brush. It is so fluffy and just blends everything so evenly and easily. I highly suggest trying that one out, it will no longer take forever to blend out eyeshadows. #2 is a brush I actually frequently use for concealer. It is flat and very dense so it works out very well. #3-#6 are all more detailed eyeshadow brushes and they work very well for that purpose. #7 I use as an eyebrow brush in order to get those little hair like strokes in there. It is very small and precise so it works very well in that role.

Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Set | Buy Here

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 5.23.42 PM.png

These are brushes I have had for a very long time. Real Techniques was the easiest brand to get since I could find it at the drugstore, therefore I used it a lot in middle and high school. This set was one that I used almost everyday to brush out my eyebrows and apply the crazy eyeshadow I decided to wear each day. I have lost some of these over the years but the three fluffiest brushes up there are ones I use in many eye looks still today. For the very affordable price the quality of these brushes is the same as ones at Sephora in my opinion.

Real Techniques Flawless Base Set | Buy Here

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 5.24.07 PM.png


Let me start with the tiny brush here. This is the first brush I used when first trying color correcting concealer and it is the one I still use. The detail that the brush achieves is perfect when trying to apply green to a pimple, etc. The largest fluffy one use to be my favorite for bronzer as well as blush, as you can see it resembles the BH Cosmetics brushes that I use for these same things. And the one all the way on the right is great for highlight. I keep these in my collection so that if other ones are dirty I have brushes that are just like them that I can use. It is very helpful, not to mention these brushes are great quality as well.

Victoria Secret Makeup Brushes | Buy Here

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 5.24.58 PM.png


These are brushes I ended up getting as a gift with purchase but I thought why not try them out anyway. I ended up loving them. They aren’t amazing like the BH Cosmetics brushes because they are not made by a makeup company. However the middle brush, the eyeshadow brush, blends shadows so beautifully! And the larger fluffy brush really makes putting on loose powder a breeze.


That will conclude my favorite makeup brush sets. I have a lot of brushes that are individual that I love so I may do a post discussing all of those. Those are generally a little more expensive since I only really buy brush collections from more affordable companies. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my brush collection! Let me know some of your favorite brushes in the comments!

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Bye Lovies!!

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