Lip Products from My Everyday Shelf |Favorite Lip Products|

Well I was looking back at all the posts I have done and I realized I haven’t done one on lip products. I have a little acrylic display thing that I keep all of my favorite and most used lip products so I thought I would share those with you, swatches and all!


P.S. Sorry about the messiness of the display case and packaging…

First up is my Smashbox Be Legendary Lip glosses. These have great pigment and are very long lasting for lip glosses. This is perfect for when I am running late or just want something simple to put on.

Shades from top to bottom:

Orchird (Deep Purple Shade)

Coraline (Orange/ Peach Shade)

Disco Rose (Red)

Pout (Very Light Pink Shade)

Superstay (Brown/Glitter Shade)

Up next are my E.L.F Matte Lip Colors. These last all day, like all day. I have to be careful when I put these on because if i get some on my face it takes forever to get off. Which is terrible if that happens but great when it is on lips. (The two bottom shades were switched from the picture to the swatch, sorry about that.)

Shades from top to bottom in swatch:

82470 Dash of Pink (Bright Pink Shade)

82469 Cranberry (Bright Red Shade)

82466 Rich Red (More of a Brick Red Shade)

82472 Berry Sorbet (Deep berry Shade)

These are by a brand sold at Sally Beauty called femme couture. These are the Mod Metal Lip Paints and they are true to what they say. They have a very metallic look on the lips and are very thick. They are quite sticky but for photo shoots these are stunning.

Shades from top (which is left in the swatch):

827269 Gilded Rose

827297 Pretty Penny

These are the two really out of the ordinary shades I own. I went into Sephora wanting something that I wouldn’t normally buy and I came out with these two. The Sephora liquid lip formula is so wonderful! These go on like a dream and stay on for a very long time. They are not drying and do not crack.

Shades from Top (left in swatch):

30 (Bright Blue Shade)

31 (Blueish Green Shade)

Wet’n’Wild use to be a brand that was either hit or miss. Recently they have stepped up their game because these lips have pigment, smoothness, and lasting quality.


503C Will You Be With Me? (Left Swatch)

507C Blushing Bali (Middle Swatch)

531C Breeze (Right Swatch)

So here are my 6 mismatched lip products. I will just go through them one by one.

Top Swatch: NYX Cosmic Metals–CMLC03 Out of This World

This one is the only green shade I have but I love it for the times when green just speaks to me. It is glittery and feels like a gloss but is not drying and does not transfer easily.

Next Swatch: Tarte Tartiest Lip Paint–Birthday Suit

Tarte has some of the best, well at least my favorite, liquid lips ever. They are so smooth, apply beautiful, and last forever. If you haven’t tried them please run to Ulta and grab them right now!!

Next Swatch: Ulta Beauty Matte Lip Crayon–Soiree

This is one product I actually got in a gift bag from Ulta. I have a love hate relationship with lip crayons because they always have such a nice formula but are messy to apply. Although still messy to apply I really do like this lip crayon because of the formula and the color.

Next Swatch: Covergirl Lipstick–370 Verve

This shade can only be described as a barbie pink which I don’t really wear often. However I really do like this color and formula when the look calls for a bright lip.

Next Swatch: L’Oreal Colour Rich Lipstick–752 Classic Wine

This, to me, is a classic everyday color and I love it for that reason. L’Oreal is a very well known company and has been very successful for years because of their amazing formulas and nothing changes with this lip.

Last Swatch:  Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick–01 Rossetto

This is the perfect bright red. It is a true red, not an orange red or a brown red, just the perfect red to have in your collection.


Well I hope you guys enjoyed learning about my favorite lip products. Have a wonderful day lovies!!


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Bye Lovies!!
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