Ulta Gifts with Purchase |Ulta Brand Makeup First Impressions|

So this is a weird idea and concept all together so let’s discuss it first. I came home this weekend to see my dad and hangout with some other family and while I was at home I was looking in my vanity and seeing what makeup I had left there. The first things I saw were little cheapy looking Ulta palettes. I am talking the tiny 3in by 1.5in palettes that they throw in their gift bag type things.


This first one is a 6 pan eyeshadow palette, very small pans but still. I was very surprised to see that this tiny palette has all the essential parts in it. It has a base shade, transition shade, 2 mattes and 2 shimmers. That is all you need to create an eye look. I am writing this part before actually creating the look but I think I will try to do a subtle purple eye look with this palette, as long as the pigment is good enough.


This one is more of a face palette. It has a translucent pressed powder, a warm contour shade, and a gold highlight. I am very hesitant about the translucent powder just because of flash back or white splotches but I am going to try it out anyway. I am also not a fan of warm contour…I don’t know many people who are but that shade will have to work. The highlight is the one thing that looks really pretty and subtle enough for my everyday look.

Let’s move onto swatches!


Here are the swatches of the face palette, they are kind of hard to see. On the left we have the warm contour/bronzer, in the middle we have the golden highlight, and on the right we have the translucent powder. That translucent powder kind of scares me because it has a very apparent white cast. The bronzer/contour seems to be very creamy and nice, as does the golden highlight. The highlight also looks to be golden but not dark, with my fair skin I still believe I could wear it but it could be wearable for people with tanner skin as well.


Here are the very difficult to see eyeshadow palette swatches. Starting at the bottom and going up are the shades: Sunshine, Plum Drop, Desire, Say What, Buzzword, Fearless. I think the shades seem very pretty but the pigment is not there. It also looks to go on quite patchy. I think that the shimmer ones would work for a subtle shimmer if you use a wet brush but that is the only use I think I see for this palette.


Well I hope you enjoyed this first impressions and swatches! If you would like to see more of these like this and comment other things I should test out.


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Bye Lovies!!

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