Hitting a Plateau on Instagram |How to get Back into Gaining Followers on Instagram|

Well when I wrote the first post 10 Days of My Insta |Growing Instagram| my plan was not to start writing posts about how to grow and manage your Instagram but…here we are. That post ended up doing good and drawing a lot of traffic to my blog site so I am just giving people what they want to read about. I promise I am not going to start doing these a bunch, I am going to get back to doing pretty much only beauty and fashion posts tomorrow. I am actually going to delving into my jewelry collection tomorrow! But for today…lets see some suggestions on how to start gaining followers on Instagram again.

What to look at:


The first thing you should do is observe. Look at what is working for other people in your niche. Look at what they are posting, when they are posting, what their descriptions look like, what hashtags they use, everything. Are you using and doing the same things? Should you be doing the same things?

Analyze What You Are Doing

Take a long look at what you are doing with your content and what you were doing from the start. See what has changed, have you changed when you post, how much you post, what you post? Are you using different engagement tools? Find out exactly what you have been doing do you can look at exactly how to fix it.


What to do:

Following/ Liking Engagement

One suggestion is to find a smaller account that works in the same niche you work in, find a post with comments, like all the comments, follow those people, and engage by liking their posts. This will help you to get your handle and content out there and if they like other people in the niche then they may like your content as well. Engagement in other content & profiles overall is a must to grow on Instagram but this is a way to really get your name out there with people who may not have seen you before.

Stick to What You Know

Don’t post things outside of your niche. You started your Instagram and want it to grow for a certain thing. Posting outside of that thing could bring in other followers who won’t like your normal content and may leave. Also those who do not like your normal posts will not engage as much which is not what you need or want when you are trying to grow your business on Instagram.

Create Better Content

Easy said, but not easily done. With so many influencers out there you have to stand out. You have to take great pictures, edit them great, and have great descriptions.

  • For great pictures I use portrait mode on my IPhone 8Plus
  • For editing I use Face Tune 2 and Color Story (both apps on the app store)
  • For descriptions I engage with a question, add lots of information, and add hashtags that have worked before

Comment on Posts

You can’t expect people to comment and engage with your page if you aren’t engaging with others. Like I said above engaging in the community is the most important part of uping your Instagram growth. You have to respond to comments on your posts and comment with love on others posts.


Well I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe learned something from it. I know these things have helped me out a lot so I hope they help you out too!

If these work for you let me know in the comments down below!!


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Bye Lovies!!

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