Arm Makeup Art to Cover Old Scars |World Mental Health Day|

Well it is October 10th, which is also World Mental Health Day. This is one day I really do like to talk about. I have talked about my depression and anxiety many times before but not to the full extent. I am not going to go into all that in this post but I have dealt with intense depression and anxiety and I still do quite a lot.

I would like to say please talk to someone if you are having any problems! It helps so much more than you could ever know. Also, it gets better. Yes, I still deal with this still daily but it is getting better and it will continue to get better. Make the most of life!!

So today I tried my hand at arm makeup art to cover old scars. Arm Makeup Art is this…

arm art 3

arm art 2

arm art

Let me first say that mine doesn’t even look close to that good but here we go!

Step 1: This was drawing on the very interesting looking brow and putting a base of light pink cream blush from Elf down.

Step 2: This was to use the lighter purple to put down where the crease would be and the darker purple in the outer corner and a little bit in the crease.

Step 3: I used the lighter shimmer purple in the inner part of the eye and the darker shimmer purple on the middle/outer part of the eye then blended it all together.

Step 4: Here I put the gold on the very inner corner, drew on a dramatic wing and very odd eyelashes.


Well don’t hate me for my first attempt at this, haha. I had fun doing this even though it took forever. Maybe I will try more of these looks in the future. If you have tried this before please let me see your looks in the comments!!


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Bye Lovies!!

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