U-Spicy Brush Review |Off Brand Artis Brushes (Amazon)|


Well heres another preview into the video I filmed for tomorrow. In my GRWM: Products I Hate with a Passion |Youtube Video| I used one of two of these knock off artis brushes and told you about why I didn’t like them. However one of them surprised me with its blending ability. Therefore I devoted an entire video and post to reviewing this brush set.

I did a full face of face makeup (not eyes at all) to test out their foundation brush, brushes for blush, contour, concealer, etc.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 12.46.25 PM.png

USpicy Oval Brush Set

So this brush set is $16.99 on amazon right now. When I bought it a few years ago I believe it was $30 for this 10 brush set. So what does the amazon page say about this product?

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 3.50.21 PM.png

So lets see what I agree and disagree with!

Top Class Bristles?: The brushes are very soft to the touch! However, when I start to use them on my face they end up feeling a little irritating and rough for some reason. Maybe I am using them wrong but I guess it depends on the persons skin as well.

90 Degree Bendable Handles?: YES! I thought I got a flimsy pair at first but no…the handles are suppose to bend that much actually. It helps to be able to reach all parts of the face easily so that is always good. However it stills seems kind of flimsy for my taste.

Smoother & Easier?: These brushes do not suck up a bunch of product like beauty blenders or other brushes. I really love that I don’t have to use a lot of product with these brushes!

Professional Results?: I think these blend things very well but I don’t like how it applies the first layer of foundation. I really have to do two layers to make it look very blended which I don’t love.

So let’s get into the real review brush by brush.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 4.00.28 PM.png

Foundation (6): For foundation I went in with the largest brush in the collection because I thought it would be easiest and fastest. It was fastest but it did not get around the nose or eyes well just because of how large it was. I also don’t think it blended the foundation in as well as some other brushes I use or a sponge. I would not go to this for foundation application.

Concealer (4): For Concealer I applied the product to my face and then just went in to blend it out with this smaller brush. It blended out so nice everywhere except right under my eyes. It seemed to clump there so I had reverse raccoon eyes which is not a good look. However, on my forehead, nose, chin it blended out the concealer so so well!! I would go back and use it for everywhere except under my eyes.

Contour (8) (5): For applying contour I used the number 8 brush which is smaller and easy to use to apply lines of contour. I then went in with the number 5 brush to try and blend it out….that did not go as planned. It took forever to even get a little blend and when I did it took off the foundation that I had underneath. So I ended up going back in with the foundation brush and dabbing at it to blend it out very slowly. So i don’t think this will be one I run back to.

Blush (7): For blush I used a very creamy blush and the number 7 brush. It applied the perfect amount of pigment on my cheeks and blended it out flawlessly. This was the only application I had no problems with at all. I will for sure be going back in with this in my makeup routine.

I thought I should include some reviews from some other amazon customers just so you get a rounded view rather than just mine…so here are a few:

My 13 year old daughter has gotten into make up big time, and really wanted brushes like these. She looked at cheaper versions but I didn’t want to waste money on garbage, so after reading the reviews of these I purchased a set for her and one for myself. They are AMAZING!!!! Foundation goes on flawlessly, no need for a beauty blender! This was money well spent!

O.M.G. these brushes are so incredibly soft! I mainly use the large brushes for foundation, concealer and blush. I haven’t used the smaller ones for eyeshadow application due to a learning curve (I’m a makeup novice). I have used one of the smaller ones for contour, but I didn’t care for it too much because it seemed to apply it a bit too dramatic for me.

It is a beautiful set! I only used power brush and eye brush. It is easy to use and there is a detailed instruction brochure in the box. I will update my review if there is any further comment I want to add after trying all of them.


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Bye Lovies!!

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