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If you’ve been following me for a while you have probably read some of my other posts about my mental health issues since I try to be very open about it. I don’t think that mental health is something we talk about enough as a society and we really should. I believe that by getting it out in the open we could view it as less taboo and could get those who need help, help. However, moving on….recently I have been MIA to my blog, social media, etc. and that is because I have been battling deeper depression than normal along with getting anxiety attacks far too often. Just trying to keep up with everything was exhausting so I took about two weeks off. Now I am back!!!

Depression is a weird thing because someone can show absolutely no signs of it and still have a very bad case of it. In my case I feel like I shown a lot of signs but living a few cities away from my family creates an environment where no one really knows when I am acting different. When I get deeply depressed I want to stay in bed and when I do get up I have no drive to do anything I am suppose to do or want to do, I really just sit on the couch. In my mind I know I should be eating good and going to the gym in order to improve my mood but I just can’t get myself to do that. These actions caused me to get behind in Uni, my job, and all of my hobbies such as this and I am not proud of that but I understand why it happened.

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I finally realized that I really do need help, I can’t just get over this on my own. However, I have no time for in person therapy and that is when I found I Prevail, it is essentially a therapy website. I am in no way affiliated with them and they have no idea who I am or that I am making this post but I wanted to mention the site. So far it has felt like it is helping and I hope it continues to help. It is a therapy site that really helps you understand what is going on and why it is before breaking into working to fix it, which I find very helpful.

I also realized that a lot of my depression was stemming from where I am at in life. I am doing a job I don’t want to be, in school for something I don’t want to do, and living a life I just really don’t enjoy or love. Along with this I realized that I have to go for what I do want otherwise there is no way it could ever become a reality.

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These are rules I have to remind myself of because I am someone who hopes I can become something or make a career out of something that I am not trying at…and that is just ridiculous. I think one key habit into getting myself out of depression is to keep myself busy with things I love. To start working towards what I want in life and just keep going because then I am actually giving everything a shot. And I think this could be very helpful advice to others going through depression or other life struggles as well.

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Alright well my depression discussion and semi motivation speech is done so now lets move on to the more technical stuff. For a while there I was posting daily but I think that with everything else I am trying to do that will be too much to put out really wonderful content. So I am going to aim for one blog post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by 2pm. So stay tuned for all of those!!

I am also going to start doing more than just makeup because I love fashion, hair, interior design, and business so I am going to try and incorporate all of those into my blog as well, I hope you will still enjoy. I hope this post wasn’t too terribly boring for you and I hope you stick around to see where my journey goes. Thanks for the read!

Bye Lovies!!

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