Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree |Christmas Decor|

I LOVE Christmas!! So I thought, what better to do a post on than my Christmas season so far! I have put up my tree, my dads tree my grandmas tree, and gone to a place where they professionally decorate trees….so a lot of trees so far.


Decorating my Tree w/ my cat


The other cat was not as enthusiastic…


An Instagram post from after decorating my tree, lol.


The theme this year at the mansion was more rustic which I loved, and my grandmother loved a million times more! But look at how cute those boots with all the greenery are!!


This one was more silver and white which I love. Side note the Santa in the middle of the tree I have on my kitchen table!


I am not a fan of old dolls, they honestly kind of creep me out….but the rose gold colors in this tree are just so beautiful! If you saw my Christmas Decor Video then you know I hate pink for Christmas but this tree was too beautiful not to post!


This is literally my kind of tree with the golds and deep reds! I love this!


This tree is just so classic and rustic, beautiful. I love the burlap garland and all the bells!

I can’t wait to post so many more Christmas videos and posts!!

Bye Lovies!!

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 12.37.13 PM

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