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Well, here we are again, another winter has come upon us. I actually LOVE winter. I enjoy the cold snowy weather much more than summer heat and sunshine. Call me weird or depressing but I love it. Honestly, I think it is because of the holidays, I am a huge lover of Christmas, Christmas time, and Christmas activities.

Moving on….winter means more layers and with more layers comes more opportunity for fashion, also more opportunity to misinterpret fashion but thats not the point of this post. In my closet I have an over abundance of cardigans which stem mostly from the time I wanted to hide my body as much as possible. However, now they work great for added color and layers in winter fashion! I also have many scarfs and leggings to add in with the comfy side of winter fashion…which if we are being honest is the best part about it. Being able to be comfy cozy in layers is the ultimate form of fashion, haha.

Anyways! This post is just me wanting to share some of my favorite winter fashion inspirations with all of you! I would love for you to share some back as well!

Here are some examples of beautiful cardigans paired with jeans and a mostly plain shirt. In two of these pictures we also see the bootie trend for winter that I love! (but we will get into that more in a bit) There are tons of different lengths of cardigans and I love the short ones for spring and summer. As for fall and winter longer ones like these make more sense because they will keep you warmer and longer coats are normally a winter thing therefore there aren’t awkward layers.

What do these three flat lays all have in common?! Booties and Reds!! I am combining the color of red into this category because I wasn’t planning on doing my favorite winter fashion colors in this post, just trends/inspiration. However, red, burgundy, and other colors of the like are by far my favorite for winter. Here in Wisconsin it generally snows a lot and I think the look of red in the winter wonderland is magical and beautiful.

Booties are a year round fashion love of mine. In winter I tend to go towards the darker browns or blacks such as the first two pictures show. However the camel color is really starting to grow on me as well. The lower heel makes these shows stylish yet comfy and in any size heel I feel like I run the world, so that helps as well. Additional plus! They help to not get your entire foot wet in the snow, just the toes.

Like I stated above, long coats are generally a winter trend, and I am here for it! I think that a long coat such as the ones pictured above just really adds classiness to the outfit and takes it that extra step instead of a puffy winter jacket that takes down the look. Granted these coats are not great in a blizzard or anything but they work wonderfully and warmly for those fashionable days. I have three I use mostly in the winter, a burgundy and gold one that I use on a daily basis, a black one I use for formal things, and a light pink one I use when it is raining/snowing since it is water proof more so than the others.

Last, but certainly not least…never underestimate the fashionability of the right color giant sweater! These sweaters can go with jeans, leggings, work as a dress, etc. not to mention how warm and comfortable they always are. You can keep it casual and comfy like the first pic or get dressy like the second these sweaters are very versatile. Plus they look great with almost all jewelry! I like to pair mine with statement necklaces in order to break up the plainness of the sweater.


Bye Lovies!

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