Book Club: ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck’ |Post 1|

I use to read a lot and then life did its thing, making me busy, making me tired, etc, etc. But impulsive spending on the iTunes book store has swayed me back into reading.

My boyfriend and his family are really into self help and motivational books, however it is normally religion based and I am not about that life. So I decided I should try a self help book that fits my personality more, thus the buying of this book.

I am only through the first chapter but I thought ‘Why not voice my opinions throughout the book instead of just at the end?’ Well the first chapter goes like this

Within the first two pages he talks about a writer and points out he was not successful because he believed in himself but because he knew what he really was, a loser. Being honest with yourself is really the first step to a better life. Imagination land is great but if you think you are the queen of England while really being a meth head in a trailer park, well then life isn’t going to work out for you in the end. If you know who you are and what your worth is to the world and humanity then you can realize you are at the bottom and work towards moving up. 

I had never really thought about this before starting this book but being self aware seems to make way towards success when you really think about it. Knowing yourself for who you really are is the most helpful thing in life. Then you can look at everything else with an open mind and be confident within yourself. You won’t need other peoples validation since you already have your own.

Since I’ve only gotten through the first chapter this is a short review but so far I really am enjoying the book. And since it is snowing out today I hope to get through a few more chapters! How are you spending your Saturday?

Bye lovies!!


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