Book Club: ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’ |Post 2|

About ten days ago I decided to write a post on the first chapter of ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.’ Yes, it has taken me ten days to read two more chapters but in my defense family was in town so I had to make big dinners, I was on my last week of staying at home so I was spending time with family, and Netflix added a ton of shit to their streaming network. As you can obviously tell I was very, very busy.

Now it is time to go over what happened in Chapters 2 & 3 and my impression of it.

Chapter 2

This chapter went over hard truths we need to acknowledge, the high of problem solving, how we can choose our problems, and how to not let emotions get in the way.

Basically, as a species we all tend to look for the good and not acknowledge out downfalls or the things we really need to hear. For example I don’t come out and tell myself that I am a self loathing asshole that still, somehow has an ‘I’m better than you complex.’ I try to make this less so and am trying to work on it but I’ve never really faced what it means. It means I have little regard for others, I always think I am right, but yet I hate most things about myself; confusing, right?

Well, without at least glancing at this truth from time to time there is really no way I can fix it. Therefore I have to acknowledge hard truths to move past them. Although it may not be fun, it is definitely worth it.

Choosing your suffering and the high of problem solving go together. Do you want to be a business owner? Then you have to suffer the 20 hour work days, the financial risk, and the option that it will never work out. However, these are also problems that can be solved. You can find different ways to make it work and if you’re good at it them you can have financial gain instead of risk.

The book says that happiness is solving problems and I never really thought about that before. But we really are a puzzle species. We enjoy taking things that don’t work for us and making them benefit us. However, even when you solve a million problems there will still be new ones arising that you have to and want to fix.

Chapter 3

This chapter was a shorter one. It goes over how not everyone will be exceptional and that life is so short that it is hard to be exceptional in more than one thing.

If you are a great business man then you may suck at relationships and vice versa as well. That is just one example from the book but I think it says a lot. I myself have always thought I was great with family, not friends but at least family. However, I am realizing I am never truly myself around family and never have deep conversations with them. So I may be there all the time for them and spend dinners and vacations ‘bonding’ with them I am not truly there. Therefore, maybe I will be better at things like this where I can share my true self or business where everyone puts on a facade.

The question following the fact that not everyone is extraordinary is ‘If i’m not extraordinary then whats the point?’ Mark Manson puts it simply by says that if everyone was extraordinary then by definition no one would be. Another hard truth but sometimes people are just there to make others stand out, kind of like a little helper.

The other fact I think he should of added in here is that not everyone yearns to be extraordinary, some people just want what we call an average life. Being a teacher or working in a factory, having 2 children and a small home in an okay part of town. So many people are happy having these things and nothing more and why not? If that is what you want in life then that is what you want and just go for it! Not everyone has to have the same sense of extraordinary or happiness.

In conclusion I think this book it getting better. I hate self help books but this one is my style and I think it will open me up to more of the genre. However, I still stick with the idea that a book won’t help you achieve your dreams, you have to work hard and really want it, not read about how to be better.

Anyways I can’t wait to read more and share it with you! I hope you enjoyed! Have a wonderful day lovies!



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