My Go To Green Smoothie

If you didn’t see my last two posts let me catch you up! I have been doing the four week Flat Tummy Co Tea Detox. And let me tell you, it really has been working! It helps to curb my appetite to a reasonable level and has pretty much gotten rid of my bloating. Not to get too TMI but it really helps clean out your intestines too. It is all over doing what it promised and I am loving it!

Along with this tea detox I have started to try eating healthier and going to the gym more often. Although the gym thing only lasted a week since I recently started a new medication that has me fatigued and weak therefore I am taking a break from the gym. But nevertheless I have added green smoothies back into my diet and I am loving it!

I generally enjoy liquids to solid foods, I don’t know why, it’s very odd so don’t look into it too much. I just enjoy having smoothies, coffee, shakes, etc. instead of making a meal. I believe it is just the easiest way to go and I do not get as bloated or feel as weighed down.

The green smoothie I have been making a lot lately doesn’t have too many allergies and works for vegan, gluten free, and dairy free people!


Frozen peach slices

Frozen strawberries

Frozen Mandarin Oranges

Frozen Pineapple


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