My Guide to Relaxation

Cheesy title, I know haha. Anyways I have been trying to get more into self care, self help, making time for myself? Not really sure what to call it but I am sure you can interpret what I mean.

Within this self care journey I have started to take baths! Up until the last few weeks I hadn’t taken a bath since I was a little kid, things were always just too busy. However, at least 2x a week for the last month I have made time to get my wine, get the candles lit, and get in that nice warm lavender water.

My Guide

Scents that Help

I am someone who generally has headaches and lately with the added stress I have been having a LOT more. I find that the lavender scent really helps me de stress and actually helps my headaches to go away. I have always been someone that doesn’t believe in essential oils or any of that but maybe now I will give them a try.

Right now I use lavender bath bombs from a drugstore I live close too, nothing expensive, nothing fancy. They just give the beautiful smell and turn the water purple which is always fun.

I have heard that peppermint helps with stress and headaches as well so maybe try that out if you aren’t a fan of lavender.

Candles that Flicker

I don’t really use these for smell, more so for light. The lights in my bathroom are very bright and intense so I find that it is hard to relax with them on. Therefore, I turn off the lights and light about 5 candles, it gives a spa like feel and gets me even more relaxed.

Simply bringing in a smaller light to plug in so you don’t have bright overhead lights on could work very well also!

Music that Soothes

Music really is a mood changer. I think that it can make you happy, sad, energized, relaxed, etc., etc. There really is no limit to what music can do and that is very powerful, that is why I have it on almost always.

For my relaxation baths I tend to turn on my Van Morrison Playlist because his music is soothing, slow, and not too loud. I really love that kind of music to wind down for the night. Obviously I have a tendency to go towards older music such as this but really any music that speaks to you is the perfect music to play.

Wine it Out

It always feels good to wine, doesn’t it? Either way you are thinking of it honestly. It just let’s all of the stresses of the day float away. I am not a huge drinker, honestly! I just like one glass of white moscato on these kinds of days. But anything you love would work for you! Whether it be alcohol, tea, coffee, whatever your heart desires!

I would like to share a little fun find about white wine though. I was at Aldi and they have a wonderful brand called the Winking Owl wine that is only like $3 a bottle, $3 A BOTTLE!! It tastes great as well!

Anyways I hope you have that relaxing night soon lovies! Let me know your relaxation hacks!

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