I Found My Clear Skin Routine!!

If you have been following me for a while I am sure you have read my skin care posts and at least one where I complain about acne. Recently, I started a new medication that made my skin break out like crazy so I decided to try some new skin care routines. And I found the one that really works for me!

I think that a perfect skin care routine will work from the outside in and the inside out. This means that you have to have some kind of pill or vitamin that you take to get rid of the hormones or other things within the body that are causing bad skin. It also means that you have to have face wash, creams, etc. for the outside so that you can combat things right away as well.

Internal Skin Care

Zinc Vitamins

The first thing I use for skin care from the inside out is vitamins. I had always read that Zinc really helps the skin but I had never really tried it. I started using it about 3 weeks ago and I have NO pimples or marks on my face right now! NONE! This is amazing for me! I went in with 100mg/day to kick start the treatment and have now gone down to 50mg a day to maintain it and so far it is working great!

It is important to be sure to take these pills with food because Zinc can make you feel very sick, I have experienced this. There are also those who report zinc making their skin worse but it all depends on you as an individual and you don’t know until you try.

I bought my zinc pills for $6.49 and buy one get one free at a Metro Market, great value! These are by the brand SunDown Naturals. These also support immune system health which is always a plus as well! I highly suggest giving these a try!

Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are widely used to help acne since for women a lot of acne relates to hormonal changes. I use Tri Femynor and it has been working great with no side effects so far. Yes this is something you would have to visit a doctor for but if your acne flares up around your time of the month I would highly suggest doing this.

It could take a while to kick in but once it does it may help you greatly! In my opinion anything is worth a try.

External Skin Care

Face Wash

I believe that the start to better skin is simply washing your face every morning and every night. This cleanses your face of all dirt and makeup and also gives you a refreshed feeling.

This face was is great because not only does it clean your face but it has the added benefit of tea tree oil, a great combater to acne. Tea tree oil is one of those wonderful natural secrets that helps rid you of acne however on its own it doesn’t work completely therefore adding it into a face wash is genius.

I wash my face with warm water and then after it is rinsed I go back over my face with cold water to close the pores. This face wash is at Ulta.com and online at The Body Shop website where it is inexpensive and lasts forever! I have had this bottle for 3 months and I still have lots left, it is worth it I promise!

Prescription Gel

This is a prescription gel from my dermatologist that I put on every other night to work from the outside in. It is 0.025% Trentinoin Gel and it helps to combat black heads as well as white heads and does a great job.

It does dry out my skin a lot but I use very thick moisturizer to combat that and it has been working well.

If you are not able to go to a dermatologist and get a prescription gel there are many good drugstore alternatives! There is the new differin gel that has raving reviews and it is prescription strength. There are also many salicylic acid gels sold at drug stores that work very well.

Well that’s all for this post lovies!! I hope you find your skin care routines! And please let me know any tips or tricks you use!


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