Winter Fashion Inspiration |Seasonal Fashion|

Well, here we are again, another winter has come upon us. I actually LOVE winter. I enjoy the cold snowy weather much more than summer heat and sunshine. Call me weird or depressing but I love it. Honestly, I think it is because of the holidays, I am a huge lover of Christmas, Christmas time, [...]


Business Model Talk |Fabletics|

Today I am starting a new series! This is going to jump into the new business aspect of my blog! I hope you are as excited as I am. I have always been interested in business models and entrepreneurship therefore I didn't know why I wasn't writing about it. This series will go over different [...]

My Last Instagram Week of Summer|Insta Posts |

Well this week I have kept my promise to myself of posting daily on my instagram and I am so happy I did!! I am going to give a warning that a lot of these are comfy clothes mirror selfies because I was working at home a lot. Never the less lets get on with it!! Friday [...]

Fall Fashion Inspiration —

Message from Me: Hey Lovies!! I know its not fall yet but with going back to school soon and everything I thought it was time for a Fall Fashion Inspiration. I came across this one when reading through posts today and LOVED it...take a look!! Want to keep up with what I am wearing this fall? [...]

Sunshine Blogger Award #1

Hey Lovies!! Allthingsalexyss got nominated for its first Sunshine Blogger Award, Yay!!! I was nominated by Lifewithlilred. She is an amazing blogger and reading her posts always brings so much light to my day. If you haven't checked her out you definitely should because you will love everything she writes about and shares. Rules of getting [...]

The Fashion Tag

Recently I did the Beauty Tag where I answered questions that many people ask beauty bloggers. Since I also post about fashion, lifestyle, and travel I thought I would do a post for each of these as well. I was not tagged by anyone since I couldn't find someone I follow who has done this. [...]

The Closet Purge

Yes, you caught me...I hoard clothes. Clothes I have never seen except for the day I bought them, clothes that don't fit my style at all, and even clothes that may be the wrong size. Well with moving and whatnot I have started to purge many different aspects of my life. Clothes have been the [...]