Knock Off Artis Brushes? Are They Worth It? |Youtube Video|

Hey Loves! I have a new youtube video posted. It is a talk through tutorial and review of the U Spicy Oval Brushes...see what I think about them while using them for my full face of makeup!   Follow my socials to keep up with my videos: Instagram | Pintrest | Snapchat | Youtube Watch More here: Acne Coverage Foundation [...]


My Makeup Brush Collection |BH Cosmetics, Real Techniques, Victoria Secret|

I know brushes are not as fun and creative as makeup but they are, in my opinion, the most important part of makeup since they create the look. If we couldn't blend eyeshadows most eyeshadow looks would be...well...choppy looking. If we couldn't have foundation brushes we might get a lot more bacteria on our faces. [...]

My Affordable Drugstore Skin Care Routine |Combination Skin, Fall Season|

Let me start by saying that I go to a dermatologist because my skin is very sensitive and gets very aggravated easily. Four of the things in this routine are prescriptions but I still thought to share them incase some of you are dealing with skin problems yourself and are not sure what to bring [...]

BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palettes | Are They High Quality? |

I don't see BH Cosmetics being publicized as much as I think it should be and that is where this post is coming from. If you haven't heard of them BH Cosmetics it is a company that was founded in 2009 and is most well know for their eye shadow palettes. Their products are the [...]

Favorite Eye Shadow for Fall |BH Cosmetics, Urban Decay|

  With the weather getting colder and fright fest/ haunted houses getting started this week I am deep into a fall mood. I have all my Bath & Body Works pumpkin candles burning and all my halloween decorations out already. I know we are only half way through September but I think it is time [...]

Youtube Picks My Makeup?! |CRAZY Makeup Day|

So I did this with the Sephora website and a lot of people seemed to like it...I know I love reading these posts and watching these videos. So I thought why not do a little series on it?! I wanted to try it with youtube today and hopefully Ulta, Instagram, Snapchat, and Walgreens (for a [...]

Essence ‘All About..’ Palettes Swatch Tested

For those who don't know, Essence is a very affordable drugstore brand (I find them at ULTA.) I didn't know about the brand until I watched a favorites video on youtube and in the video they mentioned Essence's Nude Highlighter. I had to try it out because it is only $3...and all in all it [...]