BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palettes | Are They High Quality? |

I don't see BH Cosmetics being publicized as much as I think it should be and that is where this post is coming from. If you haven't heard of them BH Cosmetics it is a company that was founded in 2009 and is most well know for their eye shadow palettes. Their products are the [...]


Favorite Eye Shadow for Fall |BH Cosmetics, Urban Decay|

  With the weather getting colder and fright fest/ haunted houses getting started this week I am deep into a fall mood. I have all my Bath & Body Works pumpkin candles burning and all my halloween decorations out already. I know we are only half way through September but I think it is time [...]

Fall Essentials: Makeup Edition

Alright, so everyone has their own way of doing their makeup and changing up their routine...mine is by the season...well it has been for the last few years. I think that since I live in a place that has four very different seasons its works well. I also change up my skin care and hair [...]

My Last Instagram Week of Summer|Insta Posts |

Well this week I have kept my promise to myself of posting daily on my instagram and I am so happy I did!! I am going to give a warning that a lot of these are comfy clothes mirror selfies because I was working at home a lot. Never the less lets get on with it!! Friday [...]


Message From Me: I love how this review is set up and thought why not share it with you. Go check out her is amazing!! Pros: Makes my skin more hydrated after use. Cons: No glow or radiance as promised. More: Honestly I like my budget face masks (Origins Drink Up Intense is my go [...]