July Chat! |Depression, Inspiration|

July already, oh my gosh that is crazy to say! June went by so so fast which I am really sad about, I would like summer to last longer honestly. But I thought it was time to just create a chatty post since I didn't really do that in June at all. How's everyones summer [...]


Chit Chat: My Thoughts

Well starting off this week with beautiful weather finally is a very nice surprise. I can't to leave university for the summer and just relax in great weather everyday. I think it will really help me to re cultivate motivation for all of my posts on here. I LOVE writing on here and it really [...]

How to Stay Motivated for Blogging

Staying motivated to write and read and create is something we all deal with. Bloggers such as myself who are putting out 3+ posts a day have just as hard a time staying motivated as those who put out 1 post a week and many people don't realize that. They think that since we do [...]