Smokey Red Clown Halloween Makeup |Tutorial|

Hey guys! I have been seeing so many different halloween makeup tutorials and pictures lately so I wanted to get into that mood as well. I wanted to start out with a pretty simple and easy halloween tutorial so I stared off with a smokey red clown look. The full tutorial will be up on my [...]


Fall Eye Looks I Have Filmed |Youtube|

Recently I made a vow to myself to start trying to post to youtube twice a week (Tuesday/Wednesday and Saturday.) So far I posted Saturday and just filmed another look today that will hopefully be up tomorrow. Anyways, I know a lot of people can't go watch 10 minute makeup tutorials or would just rather [...]

Favorite Eye Shadow for Fall |BH Cosmetics, Urban Decay|

  With the weather getting colder and fright fest/ haunted houses getting started this week I am deep into a fall mood. I have all my Bath & Body Works pumpkin candles burning and all my halloween decorations out already. I know we are only half way through September but I think it is time [...]

Fall Essentials: Makeup Edition

Alright, so everyone has their own way of doing their makeup and changing up their routine...mine is by the season...well it has been for the last few years. I think that since I live in a place that has four very different seasons its works well. I also change up my skin care and hair [...]

Fall Fashion Inspiration —

Message from Me: Hey Lovies!! I know its not fall yet but with going back to school soon and everything I thought it was time for a Fall Fashion Inspiration. I came across this one when reading through posts today and LOVED it...take a look!! Want to keep up with what I am wearing this fall? [...]