Acne Coverage Foundation Routine |Youtube Video|

Hey Lovies!! I am reposting all of my youtube videos on here because the old posts will not let me embed the videos. But if you haven't seen this video then here you go! Please watch and like and check out my channel!!   Youtube | Snapchat | Pintrest | Instagram   Bye lovies!!  


June Reviews…Love, Like, or Hate?

I have never written one of these before but I am excited to write this! It is going to be like a mix of what I hated in June, liked in June, and absolutely loved in June. There are a lot of foundations in this one but that is what I was focused on this [...]

Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation |Trying This Again…|

Foundation Fun once again!! I have had this in my collection for a very long time...which is why the bottle looks so dirty...please ignore that. Back when I use to have good skin and no texture I loved this foundation!! The great part about it is that it goes on as a liquid and kind [...]

Youtube Picks My Makeup?! |CRAZY Makeup Day|

So I did this with the Sephora website and a lot of people seemed to like it...I know I love reading these posts and watching these videos. So I thought why not do a little series on it?! I wanted to try it with youtube today and hopefully Ulta, Instagram, Snapchat, and Walgreens (for a [...]

Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Makeup |First Impressions|

Today I ran out of my favorite BB cream for summer and was devastated! Since I am not tan right now I decided to try a new foundation that has been sitting in my collection for a few months...   I first bought this when I had very dry skin and it promised to hydrate. The [...]

If I Could Only Keep One…|Makeup Tag

Well if you've been reading my blog you can see I have been doing a lot of Tags lately and I came across another one that I love. Technically no one nominated me for this but I was reading one done by EmilyBurnsMUA and she nominated anyone who wanted to do one, so here I go...again. (p.s. [...] Picks My Makeup

I was just reading through all the posts of those that I follow and this one came up... Picks My Makeup  That post seemed very fun to make so I thought I would do my own. Since I have never used I decided that would be a better site for me to [...]