Knock Off Artis Brushes? Are They Worth It? |Youtube Video|

Hey Loves! I have a new youtube video posted. It is a talk through tutorial and review of the U Spicy Oval Brushes...see what I think about them while using them for my full face of makeup!   Follow my socials to keep up with my videos: Instagram | Pintrest | Snapchat | Youtube Watch More here: Acne Coverage Foundation [...]


Maybelline Nude Palettes: Are they worth it?

Wellllll I am finally back with a makeup review!!!! We can now celebrate!! This one is a review I have meant to do for a long time...I bought these palettes a while ago to be honest. As you will see I have only ever used one color on my actual eyes. That color I loved!!! [...]

June Reviews…Love, Like, or Hate?

I have never written one of these before but I am excited to write this! It is going to be like a mix of what I hated in June, liked in June, and absolutely loved in June. There are a lot of foundations in this one but that is what I was focused on this [...]