Winter Fashion Inspiration |Seasonal Fashion|

Well, here we are again, another winter has come upon us. I actually LOVE winter. I enjoy the cold snowy weather much more than summer heat and sunshine. Call me weird or depressing but I love it. Honestly, I think it is because of the holidays, I am a huge lover of Christmas, Christmas time, [...]


Fashion Wishes: Express

I never shopped at Express until last winter because someone told me they had tons of sweaters. Now my favorite pieces in my closet are from this store and they are always adding more that I want badly! So let's jump right in! Tassel Tie Surplice Maxi Dress Front Slit Sheath Dress These are so [...]

No More Nude Shoes?! (New Life-Fresh You)

Hey everyone! I can finally say it : IT’S WEEKEND :)) Welcome back to my second post today. First one is Muscle mass shakes: Take your daily protein dose (very useful post if you workout). I had this post planned for yesterday but because we celebrated International Women’s Day and I wrote a post about [...]