Positive Thinking |New Year|

Puzzle of Life. What is life really made up of and what really matters?


Winter Fashion Inspiration |Seasonal Fashion|

Well, here we are again, another winter has come upon us. I actually LOVE winter. I enjoy the cold snowy weather much more than summer heat and sunshine. Call me weird or depressing but I love it. Honestly, I think it is because of the holidays, I am a huge lover of Christmas, Christmas time, [...]

How to Stay Motivated for Blogging

Staying motivated to write and read and create is something we all deal with. Bloggers such as myself who are putting out 3+ posts a day have just as hard a time staying motivated as those who put out 1 post a week and many people don't realize that. They think that since we do [...]

Go-To Workout Playlist

So this is going to be a really short post but since I am still at the gym and have posted about fitness all day I thought this would be a good additive. I am just going to give a quick overview of my go to workout playlist at the moment. Photograph . Def Leppard [...]

Favorite Work Out Clothes

Well once again it is Sunday, supposedly time to relax and try not to stress about the upcoming week...and once again that is not what I am doing. I woke up early to get a start on some posts for the week as well as finish multiple assignments since finals week is fast approaching. Now [...]