July Chat! |Depression, Inspiration|

July already, oh my gosh that is crazy to say! June went by so so fast which I am really sad about, I would like summer to last longer honestly. But I thought it was time to just create a chatty post since I didn't really do that in June at all. How's everyones summer [...]


How to Stay Motivated for Blogging

Staying motivated to write and read and create is something we all deal with. Bloggers such as myself who are putting out 3+ posts a day have just as hard a time staying motivated as those who put out 1 post a week and many people don't realize that. They think that since we do [...]

Go-To Workout Playlist

So this is going to be a really short post but since I am still at the gym and have posted about fitness all day I thought this would be a good additive. I am just going to give a quick overview of my go to workout playlist at the moment. Photograph . Def Leppard [...]

Favorite Work Out Clothes

Well once again it is Sunday, supposedly time to relax and try not to stress about the upcoming week...and once again that is not what I am doing. I woke up early to get a start on some posts for the week as well as finish multiple assignments since finals week is fast approaching. Now [...]

Go For It

I think that so many people live unhappy in their life because they think they can't do what they want, or can't get where they want to be, or are just too scared to jump and go for it. I am currently transitioning from one of those people. I have followed the track of getting [...]