My Guide to Relaxation

Cheesy title, I know haha. Anyways I have been trying to get more into self care, self help, making time for myself? Not really sure what to call it but I am sure you can interpret what I mean. Within this self care journey I have started to take baths! Up until the last few [...]


Christmas Berry Look |Youtube Video| Watch my first Christmas makeup look of the season! I love the christmas season and the plum colors for winter, so I just combined both! Hope you enjoy!!

Kenosha Lakefront Love |Piano Crawl 2018|

So if you are not familiar with this area Kenosha is a city with a very amazing and beautiful lakefront! They showcase this every year with many festivals, tons of restaurants and painted projects every year. One year there were painted cows, another painted lawn chairs, and this year....painted pianos!!! They are so beautiful and [...]

10 Things I Can’t Live Without

Well I saw this on some other blogs this morning and thought why not write one about myself. I have never really thought too hard about things I couldn't live without but here goes nothing. Just a disclaimer I am going deeper into thought than things like water, food, sleep, because obviously we all need [...]

Go-To Workout Playlist

So this is going to be a really short post but since I am still at the gym and have posted about fitness all day I thought this would be a good additive. I am just going to give a quick overview of my go to workout playlist at the moment. Photograph . Def Leppard [...]

Go to Music Playlist

I have a very wide variety of music on my phone. I mean it ranges from Frank Sinatra to Billy Joel to Travis Scott to Luke Bryan...its all over the place. So I thought I would share my go to music playlist for the time being. Looking at my itunes playlists at the moment I [...]