Fall Fashion Inspiration —

Message from Me: Hey Lovies!! I know its not fall yet but with going back to school soon and everything I thought it was time for a Fall Fashion Inspiration. I came across this one when reading through posts today and LOVED it...take a look!! Want to keep up with what I am wearing this fall? [...]



Message From Me: I love how this review is set up and thought why not share it with you. Go check out her blog...it is amazing!! Pros: Makes my skin more hydrated after use. Cons: No glow or radiance as promised. More: Honestly I like my budget face masks (Origins Drink Up Intense is my go [...]

SPF Protection for Lips – Mega Battle: Carmex VS Maybelline VS Nivea VS Blistex – In depth Reviews and Ingredient Analyses — Bonds of Beauty

Little Message from Me: I was reading through posts as I do everyday and I came upon this one. It is so well written and really gives a lot of information that many of us don't think about. I normally don't share other posts but this one really opened my eyes to how we forget [...]

No More Nude Shoes?! (New Life-Fresh You)

Hey everyone! I can finally say it : IT’S WEEKEND :)) Welcome back to my second post today. First one is Muscle mass shakes: Take your daily protein dose (very useful post if you workout). I had this post planned for yesterday but because we celebrated International Women’s Day and I wrote a post about [...]

Great Lip Checklist from Charlotte!

Hey Everyone, To round up my Makeup Collection Series I had to include lip products, I have uneven lips so I find it very difficult to get them looking even and perfect – but really they do make an impact on the total outcome of the makeup look and can make or break a look! […] [...]