Christmas Berry Look |Youtube Video| Watch my first Christmas makeup look of the season! I love the christmas season and the plum colors for winter, so I just combined both! Hope you enjoy!!


Knock Off Artis Brushes? Are They Worth It? |Youtube Video|

Hey Loves! I have a new youtube video posted. It is a talk through tutorial and review of the U Spicy Oval Brushes...see what I think about them while using them for my full face of makeup!   Follow my socials to keep up with my videos: Instagram | Pintrest | Snapchat | Youtube Watch More here: Acne Coverage Foundation [...]

Acne Coverage Foundation Routine |Youtube Video|

Acne Coverage Foundation Routine |Youtube Video|

Hey Lovies!! I am reposting all of my youtube videos on here because the old posts will not let me embed the videos. But if you haven't seen this video then here you go! Please watch and like and check out my channel!!   Youtube | Snapchat | Pintrest | Instagram   Bye lovies!!